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Create Outdoor Play Areas for Your Children With Fences

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Backyard Play Area Covered by Fence
You have many ways to create safe and secure residential play areas for your children. The first thing to do is to have a perimeter fence installed around your property.

This fence can be made of wood, vinyl, iron, aluminum, stone, chain-link, or a combination of these materials. These different materials can create an attractive fence that offers various levels of privacy, security, and transparency for your children while they play.

Here are some ways that you can use fences in your yard to create unique and innovative play areas for your children.

Install Planter Boxes on a Fence

To involve your children in garden activities, you can attach wood planter boxes on your perimeter fence so that your children can easily reach them. You can then teach your children how to plant seeds, grow flowers and vegetables, and tend to their garden whenever they play in the yard.

To keep your children's garden watered, make sure your garden hose is long enough to reach from an outdoor water source to the planter boxes. For convenience, you can install another water spigot near your fence.

Make a Music Wall

For a fun and unusual play area, create a music wall on one section of your residential fence. You can easily make a music wall when you have a solid or picket wood fence.

To create a music wall, attach metal, plastic, or wooden coat hooks to your fence to hang buckets, washboards, pots and pans, chimes, tin cans, whistles, and wooden and metal spoons. Place these hooks at a convenient height for your children to reach. They can use all of these items to make their own music or to sing and dance together.

Install a Playground or Playhouse Area

Section off one area of your backyard with another wood or vinyl fence and gate to contain playground equipment, a sandbox, or a playhouse. This fence and gate should be low enough so that you can watch your children play and your children can see what happens in the rest of your yard.

To make this play area different, you can paint the fence and gate for this area bright colors to harmonize with the playground equipment. When you desire, you can close the gate to restrict access to this area.

Build a Child's Craft Station and Gallery

To create an area where your children can draw, paint, and make crafts, you can attach a wooden worktable to your perimeter fence. Fasten the worktable legs with hinges so that the legs can fold under the table and allow the table to fold flat against the fence when not in use.

You can use movable benches or stools as seats when your children use the worktable. You can hang open box shelves on your fence to hold art and craft supplies.

To complete this craft station, you can hang an outdoor chalkboard on the perimeter fence so your children can draw and doodle directly on it. You can also hang one or two framed cork surfaces where your children can pin and display their completed artwork.

Build a Climbing Wall

For active children, you can attach plastic climbing handholds and footrests to a solid or picket wood fence to create a climbing wall. Climbing hardware is available at sporting goods stores in bright or natural colors.

You can easily bolt climbing handholds and footrests to a solid or picket wood fence. As your children grow, you can move the climbing hardware farther apart to accommodate your children's new height. For additional safety, you can install hanging ropes and rubber mulch under your climbing wall.

To design and install a perimeter fence or a custom fence of any kind, contact AAA Fence LLC. Our expert designers and technicians can work with you to make your fenced yard safe, secure, and fun for the active and playful children in your family.


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