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Creating a Dog-Friendly Yard, Complete With a Dog Run

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Dog In Backyard
One of the main reasons homeowners fence in their backyard is to keep pets, specifically dogs, inside. You could fence in the backyard and call it done. However, by delineating spaces, you can make the overall backyard more usable to everyone in the family. This delineation includes adding a dog run.
Basics of a Dog Run
As the name suggests, a dog run is simply a space for your dog to run and play unfettered. These pens are useful for when you're hosting a barbecue or have guests who are uncomfortable around dogs. With the right planning, you can also keep your dog in the pen while you're at work.
The Humane Society suggests a minimum of 3 feet by 10 feet. You should increase this size for multiple dogs or dogs over 100 pounds. One option is to multiply the dog's full-grown length by five times. The pen must be large enough for the dog to stand, sit, lie down, stretch, and turn around comfortably. Ultimately, the more space you can spare, the happier your dog with be.
Fencing for the Dog Run
Fencing for your dog run must be durable so dogs can't push their way out. Likewise, there should be no sharp edges or areas where your dog can get caught or cut. The height depends on the size of the dog — naturally, bigger dogs need a higher fence.
For the material itself, many homeowners opt for chain-link, which is a durable, low-maintenance fencing option. Usually the chain link includes a top rail to make it sturdier.
Another fencing option is galvanized wire fencing panels secured to metal or wooden posts and rails. Many homeowners choose wire and wood for aesthetics.
Wrought iron or aluminum fencing is also a good option for aesthetics. However, don't choose finials for the tops of the pickets. While the points may seem like a good deterrent for the dog's jumping, they can present an injury hazard in case your dog decides to go for it. Choose instead a flat-top rail, and let the height be the deterrent.
No matter which fencing you choose, make sure you choose a gate with a secure latch that the dog can't maneuver.
Fencing for the Yard
You can choose the same fencing for the perimeter of the backyard as for the dog run, especially if the pen is an extension of the fence. However, you can also mix and match — with an emphasis on the latter.
For example, if you've chosen a chain-link fence for the pen, you may prefer a more upscale material for the perimeter. You could opt for wrought iron. In that case, consider matching the color of the chain-link to the iron fence — both can come powder-coated in the same color.
Mixed materials can be attractive when done correctly. Metal and wood fencing is attractive because the two materials play off each other. So if you've chosen a metal fence for the pen, you could still opt for wooden fencing.
Other Amenities for the Dog Run
How many amenities you include in your pen depend on its projected usage. If you're only going to keep your dog in the pen for short period, you might not need much more than the fencing.
If your dog is going to spend regular time in the pen, you need a kennel and more free space. This free space should also include designated areas for feeding, as well as for urinating and defecating. Those two areas should be as far apart as possible to preserve the health of your dog.
A well-outfitted dog run makes your backyard a more usable space for different activities. Let AAA Fence LLC. provide the fencing for your dog-friendly backyard.


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