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Parking Lot Fences in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Keeping Parking Lot Users Safe

When you own or manage a commercial parking lot, keeping users safe is a top priority. Guard rails, clear pathways, ease of use and protecting pedestrian walkways are all important. A safe parking lot will not only increase business but it will also allow you to manage your liability and minimize the risk of accidents. Moreover, it may be required by state and local ordinances. 
No matter the size of your parking lot, AAA Fence LLC. provides you with the affordable, effective options you are looking for.

Inviting Commercial Spaces

Fencing is more than just a barrier. It can also create a welcoming space that attracts customers. Imagine what effect crowded, disorganized parking lots have on sales. We provide a wide range of fencing materials, attractive designs and custom installation services, so you can make the most of your fencing investment.

Controlling Access

A major part of parking lot safety is controlling vehicles’ points of entry and exit. Managing the flow of traffic into and out of your parking lot will make navigating your property easier for drivers and prevent dangerous bottlenecks. Gates, barrier arms, rails, piles and more play an essential part in parking lot traffic control.

Temporary Fencing

We also provide temporary, movable fencing options. These allow you to block off a section of your parking lot depending on your needs and business plans. From seasonal Christmas tree areas to VIP zones, our fencing makes your parking lot an invaluable asset to your business.

Homes and Gated Driveways

Our parking lot fences are also used at residential or rental properties. From helping you maximize limited space to protecting your property from unauthorized entry, fencing serves many purposes. We provide custom wood, vinyl, brick, aluminum, galvanized, chain-link and other fencing options. No matter what goals you have, we offer the right fencing options for you. ​