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Temporary Construction Fencing in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Convenient. Effective. Affordable

Managing a construction project can be complex. That’s why AAA Fence LLC. makes our part of the process easy: providing you durable, hassle-free fencing for your construction site. Temporary fencing is an easy, affordable way to protect your work zone, minimize liability and decrease the aesthetic impact of your project. Our fences will help you complete your job on time and within budget.

Types of Temporary Fencing Available to You

We recognize that the needs of your work project are unique. Our team provides temporary fencing in a variety of styles and materials. These include in-ground posts, chain-link fencing, wire mesh, barricades, plastic jersey barriers, panel fencing, panels with stands, top rails, windscreens, gates and more. AAA Fence LLC. offers you the best options and tailors our services to you.

Benefits of Temporary Fencing

Keeping Everyone Safe

There are inherent hazards within any construction zone. There may be piles of debris on the ground, a danger of falling objects or unsafe pits and trenches. Our temporary fencing is an effective solution to prevent unauthorized entry and keep passing vehicles, pets and pedestrians safe.

Protecting Your Equipment

Temporary fencing is also a practical way to prevent theft. You and your employees may leave valuable tools, rental equipment or construction materials on-site. Moreover, barriers to entry will protect your unfinished work from disturbance that causes you unexpected delays. 

Easy Installation and Breakdown

The safety requirements of your site may change over time. Your temporary fencing options at AAA Fence LLC. are easy to install, break down, relocate and store. No matter what stage your project is in, you can customize your fence placement at any time without impacting your deadlines.

Complying With Local Ordinances

Due to the inherent risks of construction zones, local municipal ordinances may require the erection of fencing around your site. We provide you with options that comply with all relevant laws and regulations. You can avoid fines and accidents with our professional products.

Managing Your Liability

Unauthorized entry into a construction zone is a leading cause of injury and lawsuits. Our high-quality temporary fencing allows you to efficiently manage your liability. Our affordable and effective fencing will save you money, reduce your risks and give you peace of mind that accidents will not occur.

More Than Just Construction Site Protection

Our temporary fencing options can be used for more than just construction sites. Other uses include crowd and access control at special events, tennis courts, pools, backstops, factories, danger areas, equestrian areas, institutions, schools, marinas and more. No matter what need you have, our fences will keep you and others safe and worry-free during your project or event.